Community Service

Community Service is a long-standing commitment of Claremont United Methodist Church. We have a strong focus on hands-on activities to improve the lives of those around us. We provide opportunities for church members to volunteer and use their time, talents and gifts to serve others.

Regional Impact

Our goal is to make a positive impact on our region.

We focus our efforts on following in the teachings of Jesus and partner with several organizations to help people in the communities around us.

Through financial support and volunteer service, the parishioners of Claremont United Methodist Church are actively making a difference!

Advocacy and Justice

Jesus’ life provides the model for our Advocacy and Justice efforts.  We raise our voices to  support and empower others.

Claremont United Methodist Church partners with many progressive, socially minded ministries and stands up for equality, rights, a greener planet.  We are a supportive, inclusive, and affirming community.

Give Donations

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Get Involved

Click the link below to view our ministries where we spend our time and talents to serve others and live out the teachings of Jesus.