Lighting candles is a sacred ritual practiced around the world.

We invite you to add a message or intention to our prayer wall.
Your candle will stand a beacon of light to provide hope, inspiration and support to others.


Praying for healing for all those suffering this night.

St. Louis

Pastor Sandy

Praying: for the loved ones of all who lost their lives to COVID-19. for all frontline and health care workers and first responders For all who are feeling isolated and… Read more “Pastor Sandy”

Marcus Hook


For all of those who are still suffering from long-haul covid. Grant them healing and relief.


Rev. Leanne

Prayers for all who grieve and haven’t been able to have services or memorials for their loved ones.

Stockton, CA

Shane Cassel

Jesus, we bring to you Jerry who is suffering from covid and is currently on ventilator. We pray for a speedy recovery from the disease.


Paula Hui

Prayers for God’s mercy and healing for my dear friends Cindy and Dick May. And for Dick’s caregivers.

Claremont CA


Pray for our planet.

Long Beach CA

Pastor Bill

Pray for our churches struggling with the dilemma of when to re-open and their leaders anguished, tired and under pressure from many different forces to decide.

Evansville, Indiana

Sam Clover

For all who are not able to be with their loved ones as they pass from this life to the next.

Bronxville, NY


For mothers and fathers of children of color, who fear for the vulnerability of their children – from the Corona virus and from anger and fear acted out in evil… Read more “Kathy”



Prayers for our military men and women serving overseas and for their families.

Virginia Beach


Prayers for all the health care workers who put their lives at risk treating those who are ill with this terrible disease. I particularly ask for prayers for my daughter… Read more “Elizabeth”

Tucson, AZ

Mary Lou

prayers for finding a cure soon. May God heal all of the sick.



A prayer for RB and her loved ones as they grieve the loss of their Grandmother… May God’s Grace encircle the family…



For those who are far from loved ones who are sick and dying.



I pray for all who are in mourning, who cannot buried their beloved dead properly.

Alexandria, VA


For all struggling financially.

San Diego


Prayers for healing and transformation in our world in this sad time.

Newport Beach, CA


For Katherine, who succumbed to complications due to Corona Virus. May her soul rest in peace and may her friends and family be consoled at this difficult time.

New York City


For all who are running out of money reserves now that we are into several weeks of stay-at-home. That they will be offered sustenance. Thanks for those who are serving… Read more “Janet”

New Jersey


I pray that elected leaders will put the health and safety of the public FIRST while studying how to re-open business and church services and non-profit organizations.

Grass Valley, California

Pastor Bonnie Brock

For all on the front lines that are giving so others can live. For all who have already contracted the virus and their healing. For the families who have already… Read more “Pastor Bonnie Brock”

Greeley Nebraska

Bryan and Larry (praying for Karen)

Karen is fighting cancer. Please pray that the Lord’s peace will be with her family and brother. If it’s His will, let her recover and live. But, if not, please… Read more “Bryan and Larry (praying for Karen)”


Rev. Linda Hunsaker

Praying for my church First Christian (Disciples of Christ) in Davenport, IA. For all of my Genesis Hospital Co-Workers. For our community of the Quad Cities and Beyond. I pray… Read more “Rev. Linda Hunsaker”

Bettendorf, Iowa

Sherry Ferriman

Praying for all the medical teams, first responders, doctors, nurses, lab techs, CNAs, chaplains, and all who are treating the sick, in our hospitals and homes. May they see the… Read more “Sherry Ferriman”

Colorado Springs, CO


Pray for protection for my family during this difficult time. Pray for our world.💙

West Virginia


For Stanley’s anxiety and all grocery store workers who are feeling the emotional affects of their daily risk.

Lexington, KY

James F. Rolling, Jr.

For GOD to be with our leaders and health care workers during these troubling times.

Houston, DE

Mary Atwood

May the Corona of Thorns with which Jesus was crowned, and which we ourselves now suffer, be transformed. Precious Lord take our hands to serve with you in a new… Read more “Mary Atwood”

Pilgrim Place, Claremont, CA

David Rodriguez

Oramos para que Dios tome control de esta Pandemia y nos libre de toda contaminación. Te presento los residentes en Puerto Rico, EUA y el mundo entero. Bendice y protege… Read more “David Rodriguez”

Puerto Rivo


Prayers for all infected



For all first responders, medical and hospital personnel. For those who are “essential” workers. For those who are stuck at home with an abuser. For those who have been diagnosed… Read more “Heather”

Honolulu, HI


For people dealing with securing arrangements for deceased loved ones.

New York


Dear Lord, please heal all of those suffering with this virus, and, ease their pain and discomfort. Also, please keep all of the caregivers, first responders, and all medical staff… Read more “Juliana”

San Gabriel Valley, CA


For the physicians, nurses, first responders and all healthcare workers who are putting their lives on the line for us. God bless you.



For families separated and worried for one another.

Denton, TX

John Denham

May God grant strength, courage and continued safety to all the women and men working 12-hour days to help heal our nation.

Claremont, California

Allison A

Creator, please bring comfort to all those around the planet who live in fear; rest to all the first responders and health care providers who work in fatigue and anguish… Read more “Allison A”

Berkeley, CA


Peace and wellness for us all



For Ken. Shelters are closed and we are paying $1100 a month in Las Vegas. He gets $800 a month. No rooms for rent for 50 cents or $500. Lord… Read more “Vicki”


Dorothy Goodman

The people who staff our grocery stores, the people who deliver our groceries, the people who care for patients when they have no idea if they are positive with the… Read more “Dorothy Goodman”


Janet Matthews

Prayer that L is able to find housing in this time. Prayers for all living with untreated mental health issues, especially those without stable housing.

Gig Harbor, WA


Prayers for the healthcare workers who are putting their lives at risk every day. Prayers for people who have lost their jobs and are experiencing major economic insecurity.

Columbus, OH


Lord, in your mercy, surround all those who are deemed essential workers. Keep those who must continue to interact with others safe and healthy. Let them feel your loving kindness… Read more “Sally”



For those in Third World countries who live in cramped facilities and are hungry and fighting disease and loss in an ongoing manner.

Springfield Mo.


Prayers for those around the world who have lost a loved one to COVID-19. May they be surrounded by strength, peace and love.

San Francisco


Prayers for the residents of Avon Lake Towne Center


Steve Moore

Prayers for my colleague and friend Brandon who has contracted the virus and struggles to breathe

Alexandria, VA

Maria da Luz Furtado

prayers to all on the front lines and the backups. To those that are having difficulty with isolation. And those who have lost loved ones and finally prayers for our… Read more “Maria da Luz Furtado”



Dear God, Surround us with your love, guide us with your goodness and fill us with your love. We ask your healing and protection against this coronavirus for all of… Read more “Joan”


Dina Birrell

Dear Lord, please keep us safe. Be with the essential workers, the exhausted nurses, techs, support staff and doctors who are keeping our medical system running right now to save… Read more “Dina Birrell”

Santa Clara, CA


For healthcare workers, may they be kept healthy and safe during these challenging times.

Corona Del Mar, CA

Barbara Troxell

Thank you, loving God, for all caregivers — at their own risking — offering physical, emotional, spiritual care for those in special need. Tend them with your healing touch.

Claremont, CA


For staff that had been ill but untested . For those who fear “what next”. For those who hold on and hold up light.


Sara Domonoske

For our collective mental health.

Claremont CA


May God bless and heal humanity. May we pay more attention to what’s most important in life. I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.

Los Angeles

Dan Domonoske

thanx to all in the first line of health care workers who help to start the healing

Claremont CA


Holy One, bring comfort and healing to those who are suffering. Inspire and strengthen us to love and care for one another. Help us to set aside all that divides… Read more “Martha”

Upland, CA

Ron and Carolyn Harrington

Our prayers for all persons on this Earth. No matter what happens, we are not separated from the love of God.


Kimberly Willis

For healthcare workers who risk their lives to save the lives of others. And for their families who worry about them day and night, endure physical separation to avoid exposure,… Read more “Kimberly Willis”

Petaluma, CA


For the young people who are missing their friends and missing out on milestone celebrations.


Gania Trotter

May God’s love come to bless planet earth and all those who reside in it. May we reach out to share that love with our neighbor now and forever. Gania… Read more “Gania Trotter”


Karen Seifert

Please pray for my brother Kyle. He has tested positive for the Coronavirus and has COPD as well as recovering from surgery. Please pray for healing.

New Orleans

Osvaldo y Zoilita

Oramos por los que estan afligidos por esta pandemia, particularmente los ancianos y niños. Oraos por aquellos que hqn dado un paso al frente poniendo en riesgo sus vidas, para… Read more “Osvaldo y Zoilita”

La Verne, CA

Kelly H

For health care workers facing illness and afraid for their families, for Mark and so many others struggling with depression and anxiety who feel this so deeply, for chaplains and… Read more “Kelly H”

Kansas City


For Julie; who has been a warrior and a friend for so many years. Peace and comfort now.


Kathy Black

For all those, including my family, who have lost a loved one and can’t gather to grieve, receive hugs of condolence, participate in all ritual aspects of mourning, or collectively… Read more “Kathy Black”



For those dealing with cancer and other illnesses that make them more vulnerable to the virus, espey Stacey, Amara, Harlow and Rosemary

Omaha NE


A hedge of protection around my family. Strength and protection for those on the frontlines. God’s presence with those who are lonely. Hope for those who’ve lost it. Light for… Read more “Gigi”



Prayers for our niece, Rori, who is an RN working in Labor and Delivery. She is caring for these new moms but now the spouses have to leave 1 hour… Read more “Karyn”

Philadelphia, PA


For Geoff who has entered palliative care. For family as they wait alone for his passing

Saint John Canada


Strength for all serving those fighting Covid 19. Understanding and patience to flatten the curve and save lives. Finding God in the moments between strangers, neighbors and family as we… Read more “Nichea”

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Dwight Vogel

For caregivers at senior homes like Pilgrim Place who leave the safety of their homes to care for us.

Pilgrim Place, Claremont, CA


For those struggling financially due to the effects on the economy of the virus. May those of us who have the means, open our hearts (and our pocketbooks)

La Verne, CA

Teressa Sivers

For health care workers, essential employees, all at risk.

Ithaca, NY


For my health and safety as I travel around for home health patients, some of whom are elderly and shut off from their friends and family.



For Aurie, that her COVID-19 test comes back negative and she is healed of her symptoms. For her fiance’ and his coworkers that they have not been exposed to the… Read more “PJAF”

Reston, VA

Valerie Fay

For health care and essential workers to be kept safe. For family and friends to be kept safe. For the virus to be controlled. For the economy to be strengthened… Read more “Valerie Fay”

Hastings Michigan


Prayers for those who are stuck in a place where harm and terror live with them. May they find strength and release from their burden.

Norris, TN


For the earth that it continues to heal.



I pray for those suffering through increased incidences of domestic violence and their advocates. May God grant them safety and protection.

Fulton, MO


Nature takes a deep breath, waters run clear, the veils of pollution lift – while many lie dying, alone; others grieve, alone. Fear and anxiety disorients and distracts. But millions… Read more “Wendy”

Orcas Island


I pray for comfort to those separated by this virus who are unable to touch and comfort each other. Fill them with your presence.


Kim Hornung-Marcy

For the whole world. May we learn from this time and prevent future pandemics. For all who suffer today.

North Ferrisburgh Vermont


For those communities of color and minority populations who are disproportionately affected. For all the ways this virus has uncovered the systemuc racism of our nation.

East Longmeadow

Rosalind Spiller

My prayer is for our researcher working so hard to find a treatment or cure for COVID-19. I am always amazed at what they are capable of.

New Hampshire


For Mary, who succumbed to COVID-19 last night, alone in a nursing home where she was exposed to the virus. For all of her friends, family, and supporters who loved… Read more “KA”


Sue Williams

For all those in nursing homes and those who care for them

Springfield MO

Brett O’Connor

For all the high school students who are living in poverty and trying to keep up with their schoolwork online.

Claremont, California


Wisdom and compassion in the leadership of cities, states and nations.

San Anselmo, CA


For those who are currently undergoing treatment for corona virus. May they be healed.

Newport Beach, CA


Prayer for all of the families who’s employment situations and finances have been affected by COVID-19.