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…an inclusive community
responding to God’s love…

Our toll-free phone number — 844-251-6335


Updated 6 March 2018!

Ministers — the whole congregation

Rev. Mark Wiley

— Lead Pastor

909-624-9021 ext 224

Jessica Johnston, MDiv

— Church Administrator

909-624-9021 ext 222
Fax: 909-624-7308

Dr. Barbara Durost

— Arts Coordinator


Jeri Bollman, MS

— Director: CUMC Preschool


Haley Coburrn

— Director: Preschool Music

Genaro Cordova

— Facilities Engineer

Mateo (Mat) Mamea

—Sunday Custodian

Rev. Martha Morales

— Associate and Minister of Education and Caring Ministries

909-624-9021 ext 231

Sara Swift Tharpe, MDiv

— Dierector of Children’s Ministries and Youth Ministires

Dr, Laura Harrison

— Sanctuary Choir Director

Katie Franklin Ledsinger

— Organist; Director, The Circuit Ringers, CUMC Kids' Choir

Marie Soltero and Elizabeth Slater

— Nursery Attendants

Kim Herney

— Bookkeeper

909-624-9021 ext 225

Linda Sheldon

— Wedding Coordinator

Located in the California Pacific Annual Conference

The Rev. Dr. Grant J. Hagiya ~ Resident Bishop

The Rev. Jan Wiley ~ East District Superintendent

In covenant with United Methodist Missionaries

Mozart Adevu ~ West Africa

Stephen Copley ~ Arkansas

Leann Nabors — Clinebell Pastoral Counseling Center

— 909-451-3690