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May 29, 2016 — Celebration of Baptism and Memorial Day

Prayers for the World and the People of God

My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust, thank you for your presence with us today and always. Keep us attentive to your presence. Guide us to the stillness that allows us to hear your voice. Help us to follow your son, Christ Jesus, that we might love you with our whole heart and being and love our neighbors as we love ourselves.

With joy we welcome [baptizands] Olivia and Elizabeth into this congregation, this part of Your family, O God. May we learn and grow with them in understanding and faith. Even as we rejoice, we know that many in our world face pain and suffering, grieving and struggle. Even some of us bring heavy hearts. Remind us that joys and blessings abound in our lives, even when they are entangled with the challenges that life brings. Help us pause long enough to take in the joys of our lives, even as we continue to pray for healing and hope in our hurting world.

We pray for all who suffer the devastation and violence of war, and for those forced from home and security by the turmoil around them. We lament and repent our government’s use of drones that injure innocents as collateral damage. Help us to see the face of Christ in each refugee, and call us to do our small part to embrace and welcome these, your children.

On this day, we remember and give thanks for the women and men who have served and fought and died in our military. May our memories inspire us to work for the common good and lead us in the ways of peace.

As our president visited the sight of the bombing of Hiroshima this week, we pray that our country will lead others in committing to never using atomic bombs again.
Healing God, bring comfort and wholeness to those who suffer this day — in body, mind, spirit, or relationship: During this month when we focus on the needs of those suffering mental illness, guide us to offer support to them and their families. Help us work to reduce the stigma of these illnesses, that those who need treatment can seek it without fear of being marginalized. Especially we hold in prayer members of our armed forces who suffer mental illness and even homelessness following the devastation of war.

We pray for the families of those who have lost loved ones [named in our worship]. Bring consolation to those who feel this loss most keenly.

We pray with the fellowship of the World Council of Churches for the designated countries of the week: Botswana and Zimbabwe.

My refuge and my fortress; my God, in whom I trust, help us to remember your loving care that gathers us into one human family. May we live as sisters and brothers, finding refuge under the wings of the Lord.
Let us joint together in the Lord’s Prayer

Prayer offered by the Reverend Martha Morales, Associate Pastor, excerpted for web use by Rev. Dr. James Dwyer, webmaster.