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Prayer and Care

Dear CUMC faith family,

In care for one another and in deep prayer for the implications of this unprecedented decision, we are suspending in-person worship this Sunday, March 15. We will livestream a worship service on Facebook live at 9:30 a.m. and we are exploring other platforms for connection. (Watch for details in future communications.)

Key leaders in the congregation urged me to consider this decision beginning Wednesday afternoon, a day things changed in many ways in the world and in our community. In prayer in our beautiful sanctuary, looking out our window onto Creation, I held all of this information and all of you in prayer as I pondered this decision. I am grateful to have caring leaders from many professions who helped inform this decision.

There are many good reasons to make this very hard decision.

For me, the most persuasive is the scientific evidence that social distancing -- even among low-risk, healthy individuals -- saves lives by slowing the spread of the virus.

We are fortunate not to have any reported cases of Covid-19 in our faith community. In our geographic community, however, the first reported death in LA County was at Pomona Valley Hospital.

In my email yesterday, I wrote of many ways we will continue to stay connected as a faith community. More will follow.

Last night, the California Dept. of Health and our governor urged the state to follow social distancing practices. This included any gathering of 250 or more AND any gathering of any size in auditorium like seating.

These are uncharted times. Thank you for your understanding.

Holy One,
God of our Creation,
God of all Creation,
We pray for our faith community and all of our families and we pray for the world.
Keep us connected with one another and with our families in ways that calm and sustain.
May we know that peace that surpasses understanding even as we face a very difficult time.
We follow Jesus. We listen for the whispers and shouts of your Holy Spirit.
In your most holy names we pray. Amen

In prayer and care,

Rev. Karen